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LotRO News

Welcome to the New Legion of Shadows Kin Website!

Though we already have an existing site, there was no administrative access to it as the founding member had since become inactive. This new website will give administrative rights to a number of officers within the kin, so we can always count on being able to update and edit the content as needed.

This said, the previous website had a wealth of content posted by our Kin Leader, and all of this information will be taken from the old forums and into the new ones in due time.

Hopefully we can create a mix of information, advice, and entertainment to keep kin members coming back, and thus we can use the site for kin related updates and to schedule activities!

- Lil
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Guild News

Back in Action

Matundz, Jul 1, 11 1:45 PM.
The journey... continues. The struggle...epic.  The heroes... ready for anything. Legion of Shadows proves it's mettle and might once again.

After a rigourous month of real world drama, members of Legion ripped the heart out of the evil armies with an impressive showing in Sari-Surma T2. The fellowship of Voralas (warden), Lilin(hunter), Zlickrod(hunter), Wordrend(stonetard), Twytcher(flatulent captain), and the handsome Lunso(minstrel) gave hope once again to the Free Peoples of Middle Earth with the classic one shot. A true victory in the face of unbelievable odds.

Soon our heroes returned to look death in the eye with a quick run of Lost Temple T2. Again the fellowship of Voralas, Zlickrod, Twytcher, Wordrend, gorgeously trim Lunso, and the outside help of the mighty Greenclaw bested the Twins in one fell swipe, earning the Hard-Mode they fought so dearly for.  The mini-bosses too, stared in disbelief as this motley crew, slayed them by the numbers.  Staring down Ferndur, our heroes saw the prize ahead.  But a more demonic presence would soon prove to be too much for our heroes as the Deathmonger himself, an ill-timed Windows Updater, brought our heroes to their knees in the final phase.  The fellowship, licking their wounds, knew their time would come.

So what is next in store for our heroes in Legion?  For all our heroes in Legion? Will you pick up the banner of the Free People and join them as the hunt down the finish to Echoes of the Dead.......Level your characters and join us.....For we are an unbeatable force.....Together!

Check it out! How stats will work after the update!

LillinBlackwood, Jun 21, 11 9:08 PM.
Some really interesting reading in here. From a hunters point of view, it makes me feel that I will be able to trait my character based on my individual preferences more than the 'cookie cutter' builds that we're more forced to go for.

How will it effect your classes?


LotRO Fan Film trailer - a must see!

LillinBlackwood, Jun 19, 11 5:23 AM.
Here is a trailer for a low budget, fan made film called "The Fellows Hips: Rise of the Gamer.

Looks great!

Proposed class changes - easy links!

LillinBlackwood, Jun 17, 11 7:20 AM.
Hey guys,

Here are some links to various forum posts regarding the propsed class changes for Hunters, Minstrels, Captains, Lore Masters, Champions and Creeps.

Will add more as found! - Minstrels - Captains & Lore Masters - Hunters - Champions - Creeps


5 man LT a partial sucess!

LillinBlackwood, Jun 13, 11 3:14 AM.
After the kin meeting Sunday night, Vorolas, Wordwrend, Hicaferth, Twitchir and Lillin successfully 5 manned down the twins in LT!

Narrowly missing the '10 second deed' due to an untimely death, they were then joined by Dementedphor for the second boss. A few failed attempts proved that each try led to a much further progression, but sadly the night grew on and the brave adventurers decided to rest their efforts and regroup another time.
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